matchpointYesterday went to see MatchPoint. I wasn’t expecting a good film, specially because is was written (and directed) by Woody Allen. But the movie was quite interesting. A good story, imprevisible till the end, with nice cenarios and a beautiful girl: Scarllet Johansson. Emily Mortimer is not as beautifull as Scarllet, but has some sensual appearances as well.

A good film (maybe longer than needed for the story).

Transporter 2

Transporter 2My first comment regarding this movie will be a title from a comment posted in IMDB: Action, explosions, total disregard for physics. EXCELLENT. I feel the same regarding the movie. Cars, velocity, action, explosions, girls in bikini, more cars, more velocity, guns, more action, more cars… fantastic.

Jason Statham is very good. Liked specially that position after a jump, like Terminator. Very nice.

Finally, how much did Audi pay for the publicity? Also, if I am not wrong, Lamborghini is also a VW brand (as Audi, Seat and Skoda). And, talking about Lamborghini, could you identify the model? I want one of those.

The Chronicles of Narnia

The Chronicles of NarniaYeah, yesterday was Narnia day. The movie is very interesting although it is easy to notice it was made thinking on children. In fact, Harry Potter, or Shrek are a lot more for adults.

The movie includes some bad recorded scenes, where it is easy to notice that the actors where put into the scene by hand. In the other hand, computer generated things are beautiful (the Lion, for instance).

While it is known that the movie is fiction, there are some flaws in the story. Erm, I would like to show one but today I can’t remember. In case I do, I’ll edit this entry.

Exorcist: The Beginning

Exorcist: The BeginningThis is for those who say I just see teen movies. The main problem is that now I really don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep this night. In any case, it could be a good thing, to have more time to work…

Now, regarding the movie… first I must say I never saw any of the other exorcist movies. Just the Scary Movies and their jokes about the Exorcist. If you look to how IMDB classifies it, it goes for thriller, horror and adventure. In fact,  I would say it is more horror than everything else. First, because you really don’t get scaried for something unexpected to happen… you get scaried for the things you see and that you, unfortunately, expect. With this I’m not saying I foresee the story.. I’m just saying that the scenes appear when you are waiting for them.

Oh, well… wish me a good night…

American Girl

American girlAlthough this movie includes girls, and teenager girls, it is not a teen movie. IMDB classifies it with Comedy (well, some, but not that many), Crime (where?)  and Drama. I just agree with this last one.

Also, the title is not appropriate for the movie. Main character might be a girl, and might be an american girl, but call the movie that? Imagine all police movies being called “American Police”.

Regarding the story, it is interesting. Nothing specacular… but kind of interesting… moralizing, maybe.

By the way, I’m not sure the image is from the right movie, as if it wasn’t for the title, I would say it is not. But IMDB says it is… so…

Men in Black

Men in BlackThis was the second movie. If you’ve seen my previous blog entry where I said The Matrix was an old film, imagine this one, from 1997. Well, this is mainly a comedy. It is also action and sci-fi, but with Will Smith this just can be a comedy.

It has monters, action and girls. Well, in fact not properly girls, but a girl. Linda Fiorentino is Linda (Beautiful in Portuguese). I know she is becoming quite old now, but look at those legs on that movie… by the way, is she retired? No new movies since 2002…

Again, if you never saw this movie, go see it. Get the dvd somewhere, and watch it. It is fun, it has action, it is worth it!

The Matrix

MatrixAnother weekend, anogher movie. In fact, two movies, but one at a time. The Matrix is an old movie (1999) and with two sequels, but in fact I’ve never seen any of those. I knew a few about the movie before seeing it (well, I knew there were good and bad guys, and nice body manouvers) but it took me some time to get into the movie idea. That story of the world being a virtual reality program is quite interesting, but takes time to get into.

Regarding actors, I think they dance very well (yeah, sometimes they seem to be more dancing than fighting) but the movie is lacking a nice girl. There are people who say Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity) is sexy, but I really don’t think so.

But, the lack of nice girls can’t make this a bad movie. If you didn’t saw it, go and see it!!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Harry PotterYesterday went to the cinema to see Harry Potter. Saw the first movie, read the first two books, and now went to see this one. I was not alone. A friend went with me. She is a professional regarding Harry Potter. Saw all the movies, read all the books.

The movie has nice effects, well acted, but has a problem: a big problem. It can’t be seen independently of the books and/or previous movies. Of course, you can say that the idea is make people see the movies, and read the books. But in that case, don’t call it a movie. Call it a serie, a trilogy (with three or more O:-)) but not a single movie.

Of course, my luck to understand better the story was the professional at my side.

Lord of War

Lord of WarLast night went on to see Lord of War, a recent movie with Nicholas Cage. Although it is an Drama movie, it can be seen as well as a documentary. It introduces some ideas about weapons traffic, which justifies a lot of the cruelty of this world. It has a few girls, but not enough to make me recall them again. It ends with a few sentences that shows why wars continue to exist (no more detail, go see the movie).

Resuming, the movie has an interesting story, the story is told in a nice way, and Nicholas Cage is a good actor. Also, as somebody commented in IMDB, “A Surprising Morality Tale” is a good description for this movie.

And I really need to get my English better….

American Splendor

AmericanSplendorThe second movie of the day and so people can’t say I am a manyac for teens and girls, here goes an entry about a documentary or biography: American Splendor.

It tell us the story of Harvey Pekar, a comic book writter, how his life began, how he met his wife, problems regarding money and finally how he got cured from a cancer. The story is interesting, and they way it is presented make it more interesting. Not only because of the comic book alike portions of the film but also some scenes about the movie recording, where we can see the author playing for Pekar, and the real one side a side. This also tell you right at the beginning that Pekar would survive the cancer, so you don’t expect him to die during the film (thus, this is not a suspense movie but rather a documentary).

If you like different movies, if you ever dreamed of drawing cartoons, and if you are up to think about what’s life, see this movie.