Monella (1998)

Monella (1998)
Monella (1998)

This is yet another movie directed by Tinto Brass. Classified as comedy, it is also erotic (easy to notice with the screenshot above). The story is simple: how people deal with virginity before wedding. Not much more to comment. Yeah, Monella is cute.

Jennifer’s Body – 2009

Jennifer's Body
Jennifer's Body

Today I watched “Jennifer’s Body” movie. It is cataloged as Comedy and Thriller. I can’t understand why “Comedy”. “Horror” would be more appropriate. I know it is not anything really frightening. But it is not a comedy as well. I did not laugh once in the movie.

OK, enough about the movie classification. That might be a typo or something.

The movie, teenagers, sex, blood, virgin, devil. I think it should be enough to describe the movie. By the way, nice body. Yes, from Jennifer…

American Pie Presents: The Book Of Love

Sunday afternoon, needing to relax, without will to work, without the will to do anything, without the patience for a real movie, probably the time to some teenage sex-related comedy. No need for big brain work, no need to take too much attention to the story. Just relax, smile, laugh, watch some girls, and have fun.

This was what I thought when choosing the movie and I must say it fulfilled the mission. The story isn’t great nor new. But there are some nice laughs.

I just have a complain: it seems that the Book of Love doesn’t work with me :P

Miss March (2009)

Miss MarchToday was Miss March day. First, it is a stupid movie. Second, it is a stupid movie. Third, it continues to be a stupid movie. But, fourth, it has nice girls in bikini and without bikini. Unfortunately it shows some other things that I prefer not to mention as it is gross, and it will spoil the history (well, if anybody wants to see it after reading this review).

Well, I hope not to spoil too much just quoting the tag line from IMDB: After four years in a coma, Eugene Pratt is going to be reunited with his high school sweetheart…on pages 95-97. This together to knowing this is a comedy from Hollywood, you can guess the rest.

So, the good part, other than the girls, is it to be a comedy. You can laugh a lot and have a good time watching it. Voted 5 in 10.

Young People Fucking

Young People FuckingYoung People Fucking is the name of a strange movie. While classified as a comedy, on some situations it feels like an erotic movie. Not that you see too much of the fucking. In fact you don’t, and that might be the reason about it.

In any case, the movie is about a set of couples, and how they react to a sex night, in different situations. For instance, one couple that lost the interest, a couple that are apart for some time, a couple of best friends that never saw each other as a possible mate, and so on.

I think the movie is interesting and can give some clues on all problems that a relationship can raise.

Female Perversions

Female PerversionsThis movie (IMDB Link) is the strangest movie I ever seen. Well, maybe not the stranges, but it was quite strange. The worst thing is that I am almost sure I did not understand the real idea of the film. But, did I told already this was a strange film?

Oh, yeah, it includes sex, lesbians, and strange things. Also, it wasn’t subtitled and that makes it harder to understand. So, it was strange.