American Splendor

AmericanSplendorThe second movie of the day and so people can’t say I am a manyac for teens and girls, here goes an entry about a documentary or biography: American Splendor.

It tell us the story of Harvey Pekar, a comic book writter, how his life began, how he met his wife, problems regarding money and finally how he got cured from a cancer. The story is interesting, and they way it is presented make it more interesting. Not only because of the comic book alike portions of the film but also some scenes about the movie recording, where we can see the author playing for Pekar, and the real one side a side. This also tell you right at the beginning that Pekar would survive the cancer, so you don’t expect him to die during the film (thus, this is not a suspense movie but rather a documentary).

If you like different movies, if you ever dreamed of drawing cartoons, and if you are up to think about what’s life, see this movie.

100 Girls

100 GirlsThis weekend movie was 100 Girls, another teen based movie. These movies have two big advantages: girls and sex. This movie has both, and specially, lot of girls. Ok, not 100 but a lot of them. Most of them nice as well. Includes a few boys and the main character is a lucky stupid boy.

Not to tell you the story, the plotline as in IMDB tell you all: He met the girl of his dreams. If only he can meet her again. . So, the full movie story is the main character searching for his greams girl.

While the movie story is quite usual, and the jokes, and all that, it includes some interesting thoughts about man/woman relationship. I’ll give it 9/10 mostly for these thoughts, and, of course, for the girls.

Sky High

Sky HighThis movie reminds me of Harry Potter: somebody with powers that doesn’t know that have them, and goes for a school and finds them. So, the story is kind the same: a super-hero, child of two super-heroes goes for the super-heroes school but, poor boy, he doesn’t have any super powers. Oh well, he has but he didn’t know.

Regarding the movie itself, nice special effects, nice girls, nice jokes, super heroes. So, 8 in 10.


SerenityLast night went to see this movie. I was not very interested, and went for the company and for a different evening. But the movie surprised me. It includes a lot of flaws (and a lot of them regarding the main actors) but it is fun. It has action, humor, horror and thriller parts. Nice special effect and some nice girls as well.

Being a sci-fi movie with lots of spacecrafts, misses a lot of reallity in them. In fact it is easy to notice they are all computer rendered. Oh well, just some details…

The Island

The IslandYesterday went to the cinema to see The Island. Friends told me that the movie was nothing interesting, but I wanted to see a movie and got there. Well, it was not that bad!!

Now some comments. If you want to see the movie, don’t read bellow.

First, advertisements: Adidas, Speedo and Chevrolet advertisements were kind of simple, just showing some of their products. Then, there is a car they call Chevrolet but that it isn’t. The logo in the grid is a Porsche one. Also, you can see an advertisement (a real one, and that was interesting) for Calvin Klein. Also, somebody in the movie mentions Cisco but the portuguese translator writes Sisco. The most advertised company was Microsoft. First with XBox 360. I think kids can understand that the kind of game the movie shows is not real. At least the kids which can enter the movie. Then, MSN Search: they are stupid to accept this advertisement. The search engine finds a person in another state but can’t find the contact for one in the same state: Microsoft reallity!

Regarding translation: I wonder why a sentence like “the door at the left” is translated to “a porta à direita” which means “the door at the right”.

I don’t want to discuss much of the movie argument. I think the story could be better, but it is good enough. The screenplay has some problems which makes the flow of the movie strange at points.

Although the man clone has the memory growing accordingly with the original person, that doesn’t happen with the girl. Now, how did she discover sex and kissing? While he went to kill the original man she was just watching TV?

At the end, clones are released. Where will they go? Kill their clone? Make things strange in the planet? And the doctor didn’t have a clone? And why not?

Well, enough comments this time.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryTuesday night I went with some friends to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a movie by Tim Burton, with Johnny Depp in the cast.

This is not properly the kind of movie I normally watch. One of my friends would say my standard movies include teenagers. Well, normally it includes girls. Looking to the genre, normally I watch comedy and adventure.

This movie is a Fantasy in the first place, although IMDB says Adventure, Comedy and Family first. You can’t watch it as a real history, nor a sci-fi one. It is fantasy from the beginning to the end of the movie. But it includes jokes as well, and is suitable for all the family. Just can’t see where is the adventure.

Finally, Jonnhy Depp resembles me of Michael Jackson in this movie. To invite children to visit his factory is… erm… that.

Fantastic Four

Fantastic FourYesterday night I went to see the Fantastic Four movie. First (and only) bad thing was: my stomach was hurting. So, I didn’t had properly a dinner.

The good thing: the movie is good. A friend didn’t like it, but I did. When you go for such a movie, you know what you expect. These are comics characters so, they need to keep it similar to the original. And in that I think the production was very good.

Other interesting point is that the movie is an Adventure one, (imdb says Action/Adventure/Fantasy/Sci-Fi) but I would add right in the second place “Comic” or “Humor”. The movie includes a lot of action but a lot of humor as well.


MadagascarI went to see this movie about two weeks ago, but didn’t have the time to blog about it before.

It is a very cute and funny movie. I’ll not comment the story as I think you should see the movie. What I can say is that the Alex (the Leon) reminds me when I am hungry. In the other side, the four Pinguins remind me why I like linux.

When I entered the cinema I was expecting the original (English) version. Unfortunately (or not) it was the Portuguese one. I had a very good surprise as it was very well dubbed.


S.W.A.T.This weekend I saw S.W.A.T. It is the typical Hollywood/American movie, with police, bad guys, patriotism and such things. I do not see things <b>so much</b> in that way, but I had some good time watching it.

There is a girl (and that is <b>important</b> in a movie), there is action, there is some good sound, some jokes and it got me distracted. What can I ask more?

Ok, I could ask a lot more, like more girls, and naked ones, but that probably would lead to a pornographic movie and not to an action one…

Female Perversions

Female PerversionsThis movie (IMDB Link) is the strangest movie I ever seen. Well, maybe not the stranges, but it was quite strange. The worst thing is that I am almost sure I did not understand the real idea of the film. But, did I told already this was a strange film?

Oh, yeah, it includes sex, lesbians, and strange things. Also, it wasn’t subtitled and that makes it harder to understand. So, it was strange.