Get Smart (2008)

Get Smart
Anne @ Get Smart

Door opens. Door closes. Door opens. Door closes. Door opens again. Door closes, yet again. Yes, it is the old scenes from Smart Eye, the series. Yes, I was watching Get Smart (2008), with Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway. I think Steve was well chosen for Maxwell Smart. The movie is fun, the movie is easy to follow, with no dead scenes. And Anne Hathaway makes the movie yet more enjoyable.

The men who stare at goats – 2009

The men who stare at goats
The men who stare at goats

I’ve seen the book The men who stare at goats at a bookstore, and although I did not watch the movie, I read the synopsis at the end of book, and it seemed interesting. It was easier to find the movie, and it takes few time to watch the movie than to read the book. Therefore, decided to watch it.

First complain, there are no girls. Second, I got unhappy with the story. What the fucking were they thinking on? Instead of a… stupid.. comedy, they could do a thriller. It could be a thriller comedy, without any problem. But being just a stupid movie was not nice.

Now, I just wonder if the book is related to the movie at all. Anybody can confirm? If the story is the same, I will not read it at all. If it is only lightly related, then probably the good is worth reading. Voted 4 on 10, in IMDB. Sorry.

Trasgredire (2000)


Yesterday night I watched ‘Cheeky!‘, the English dubbed version of the original italian movie Trasgredire.

As you might guess from the poster at the right, the movie is full of nice girls, without clothes. Given that, I will try not to comment on the sexy or erotic side of the movie.

Yes, I should have said that before. Although the first two classifiers in IMDB are Comedy and Drama, the first classifier should be Erotic. Yes, the movie is not pornography (there are a few penis, but no real sex is shown), it is mostly erotic.

Nevertheless, Cheeky has a better story and final conclusion than other winning movies, like Lost in Translation.

I Want Candy (2007)

I Want Candy
I Want Candy

This afternoon I want Candy. Being more clear, I watched “I Want Candy” comedy, with Carmen Electra as a porn actress. The movie is fun, there are some nice girls in it, and it has Carmen Electra. But let I say you now, that after watching the movie, no, I do not want Candy. I want Lila (Michelle Ryan). She is just gorgeous.

Ok, enough about the gals. Now, about the movie. It is nothing fancy. It is just a comedy. I has some sex related scenes and talks, but not that much, and nothing explicit. Therefore, do not see it as erotic or so, or you will be deceptive. But if you like to have a good time, watch funny scenes, and watch nice girls, this is a good time.

Crank: High Voltage (2009)

Crank: High Voltage
Crank:High Voltage

Yes, Crank is just a stupid movie. I think Fu**ing Stupid Movie is more correct. Good things: fun, action, fun, girls, boobs, girls, nude girls, action, fun, girls, girls, and Amy Smart. I think it is a good resume of the full story.

I did not see the previous movie on Crank, but I think I can imagine the kind.

Sorry for not writing much more, but, what can I say? The story is just stupid and unbelievable. The action is just exaggerated.

Ahs, just loved the silicon boobs juicing out…

Zuma’s Revenge

Zuma's Revenge
Zuma's Revenge

In an old post I wrote about Zuma. I bought it for the ClickWheel iPod. It is a nice game, playable and enjoyable. Unfortunately it is too small (or I am too good). After 17 runs (yeah, iPod counts the number of times you run an application) I reached The End of the game. I am sure it weren’t just 17 plays, but never more than 25.

Today I was looking into the iTunes store and found that there are no interesting games for ClickWheel iPod. Then, visited PopCap website searching for more games from the same company. I found that there is a followup on Zuma, not for the iPod but for the PC/Mac. Downloaded the trial version, that gives you the ability to play for 60 minutes. After 60 minutes I reached the middle of the game (about 26 levels) and had 8 lives (you start with three lives).

Now, I do not think this game will worth the $20 that it costs for more two or three hours of play… but if run smoothly in the iPod… that would might be different…

American Pie Presents: The Book Of Love

Sunday afternoon, needing to relax, without will to work, without the will to do anything, without the patience for a real movie, probably the time to some teenage sex-related comedy. No need for big brain work, no need to take too much attention to the story. Just relax, smile, laugh, watch some girls, and have fun.

This was what I thought when choosing the movie and I must say it fulfilled the mission. The story isn’t great nor new. But there are some nice laughs.

I just have a complain: it seems that the Book of Love doesn’t work with me :P