Scary Movie 4

Scary Movie 4Scary Movie 4 is, as all Scary Movies, a funny movie. I think it is not the best of the four. In fact, I think it is the worst, but good enough for a lot of good laughs. As usual, it plays with other movies in the cinemas around the same dates. Instead of talking more about the movie, let me try to identify other movies present on Scary Movie 4:

  • Saw
  • The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
  • The Village
  • The Grudge
  • Brokeback Mountain
  • Million Dollar Baby

Surely I am missing some others. If you know any other movie, please post below. Thanks!

Top Secret!

Top Secret!I know this is an old movie, but I saw it recently to remember. It is crazy, funny, crazy, funny and crazy. I can’t really find any other adjective suitable to it. It has a story (a vulgar one, is true), it has some sarcarm regarding other movies (and that is really cool), and a lot of laughs. Basically you can’t stop laughing from the start. It is true that in some situations you really need to look around and not just to the main actors to understand why you are not laughing at that moment.

If you never saw it, go out  and buy or rent it. Yes, now!! NOW!


hitchSo, Hitch is the kind of guy that knows how to tell how to impress a woman, but is unable to do it himself. Well, in fact it finishes doing it sooner or later, and that’s good because Eva Mendes is a nice girl.

When I saw the trailer of the movie I thought: I really need to see this movie… I might learn something. But I think I need to see it again, as I didn’t learn anything… really… what I am doing wrong?

Back to the movie.. very funny. Nice girl, as I told before, great actors, and a lot of humor. You can have a good time watching it…

Men in Black

Men in BlackThis was the second movie. If you’ve seen my previous blog entry where I said The Matrix was an old film, imagine this one, from 1997. Well, this is mainly a comedy. It is also action and sci-fi, but with Will Smith this just can be a comedy.

It has monters, action and girls. Well, in fact not properly girls, but a girl. Linda Fiorentino is Linda (Beautiful in Portuguese). I know she is becoming quite old now, but look at those legs on that movie… by the way, is she retired? No new movies since 2002…

Again, if you never saw this movie, go see it. Get the dvd somewhere, and watch it. It is fun, it has action, it is worth it!

100 Girls

100 GirlsThis weekend movie was 100 Girls, another teen based movie. These movies have two big advantages: girls and sex. This movie has both, and specially, lot of girls. Ok, not 100 but a lot of them. Most of them nice as well. Includes a few boys and the main character is a lucky stupid boy.

Not to tell you the story, the plotline as in IMDB tell you all: He met the girl of his dreams. If only he can meet her again. . So, the full movie story is the main character searching for his greams girl.

While the movie story is quite usual, and the jokes, and all that, it includes some interesting thoughts about man/woman relationship. I’ll give it 9/10 mostly for these thoughts, and, of course, for the girls.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryTuesday night I went with some friends to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a movie by Tim Burton, with Johnny Depp in the cast.

This is not properly the kind of movie I normally watch. One of my friends would say my standard movies include teenagers. Well, normally it includes girls. Looking to the genre, normally I watch comedy and adventure.

This movie is a Fantasy in the first place, although IMDB says Adventure, Comedy and Family first. You can’t watch it as a real history, nor a sci-fi one. It is fantasy from the beginning to the end of the movie. But it includes jokes as well, and is suitable for all the family. Just can’t see where is the adventure.

Finally, Jonnhy Depp resembles me of Michael Jackson in this movie. To invite children to visit his factory is… erm… that.

Seed of Chucky

Seed of ChuckyYesterday had the time to see Seed of Chucky. I didn’t see the original Chucky movie what can be a loss to comment on this one.

Seed of Chucky is an Comedy (although you can classify it as horror). It has blood (I think a little more than Kill Bill I), some flying heads, screams (these ones screamed directly from Jennifer Tilly), and awesome good pair of boobies (these ones directly from Jennifer Tilly breast) and fun.

I’m voting 9 in IMDB because of some little problems of the movie.

The Animal (2001)

The AnimalThis was the movie of the weekend (imdb). Finally the TV shows some interesting movie. It is a comedy, you can classify it as a stupid comedy, but it is funny. It includes a stupid guy and a nice girl. What else do you need?

I’ll vote 6/10. If you like to laugh, and you don’t mind some stupidity, see it!

Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Fast TimesAnother weekend, another movie. This time, Fast Times at Ridgemont High (imdb). This must be one of the first teen movies (1982), but it contains almost or everything recent teen movies contain: boys, girls, teachers, drugs, sex, abortion, masturbation, nude scenes… well, it doesn’t contain gay scenes (good!).

Rating this movie is difficult. I just can’t rate it about what I think a teen movie should be nowadays, but how it would be back in the 80s. Well, 8/10.