Microsoft punishes the web, once more.

Microsoft just released Internet Explorer 9. With it, it included some valuable improvements on the way IE visualize current Web standard. We can argue that it doesn’t support what it should, but any improvement Microsoft can do in IE is positive, so that people stop using relics like IE5.

But this is not the case.

Microsoft take the chance to advertise Windows 7 and make people spend their (few) money on new licenses. Yes, Internet Explorer 9 is only available if you are running the last version of Windows 7. This basically means that everybody that still used IE5 or IE6 will continue to use IE5 or IE6.

Unfortunately, once more, Microsoft punishes the Web in favor of their own good.

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  1. Somebody told me this isn’t completely true, and that IE9 works under Vista. However, this doesn’t change much of the problem.

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