Nikita, S01E01


I was kind of curious of watching this episode. Girls with weapons seems always interesting. Unfortunately the main character, Nikita, is not that nice. Sorry, Maggie Q. The good thing is that we have Lyndsy Fonseca, that is very cute.

Now, about the story: so far, nothing new. Spoilers alert!! There is a division that trains boys and girls to be special agents. Mainly, spies and killers. Nikita escaped, and is angry because they (the division) killed her boyfriend (that wasn’t from division). She wants revenge. Here starts the story.

This first episode did not have much action. A few guys with big guns, but they didn’t use them. Some violence between Nikita and other spies, but nothing really great. Just standard action.

Pilots have a main problem: they waste a lot of the time of the episode to put the watcher aware of the characters story. Therefore, we can’t expect much from the first episode.

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  1. I found it a little too close to the “La Femme Nikita” show from a couple of years back.
    But Maggie Q isn’t Peta Wilson, which might not be a bad thing.

    Curious if they can do anything interesting with this show.

    By the way, the second episode has already aired. Go watch it and write a follow-up post. :-)

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