Papers for Mac OS X is SHIT

papers-drawnI hate stupid software. I really hate it. Specially stupid software that doesn’t have a rollback mechanism for their faults.

Installed Papers demo version to try to manage papers. The application seems interesting and is not too expensive. I really thought on buying it. But now I do not intend to.

During first use, Papers asks if it should move the PDF files to its own library and rename them. That is the usual thing for iTunes and, why not, for papers. There, option chosen.

When using the application, I choose to import PDF files. The application opened a search window that says nothing more than if I want to use OAI indexing mechanisms or not. It doesn’t specify what kind of target it is expecting.

I choose a PDF file. I clicked on it. It was sitting on my desktop. Pressed “import”. Papers imported more than 500 PDF files that were sitting in sub-folders of the Desktop folder. Note, I did a click on a PDF file. Not in the directory. The windows did not say what it was expecting.

Now I have 500 pdf files to open, rename, and move.

Thanks for nothing.


  1. now you just open time machine, navigate two hours ago, and restore your PDFs :) nice and simple :P

    unless you don’t do back….. :S

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