Gran Torino – 2008

Gran TorinoGran Torino is not, finally, a common Hollywood movie. And great I did not know it before watching it. This way it was easier to watch and enjoy it. I will not talk more about it or it will be a big spoiler.

Clint Eastwood is great on this movie. Of course, great as director, but specially great as main actor. I really like his interpretation. And I love his grunts. Yeah, it is true.

The movie misses some nice young girls in bikini. Probably it misses some more action. But that will lead to a common Hollywood movie, good to watch and have fun during the weekend.

This one is different. You have fun, as there are some brilliant jokes and funny scenarios. But the main characteristic of the movie is to be a drama, and that is all that matters. If your mood changes easily with a sad story, be careful when to watch this movie. Probably I should took that care and watch in a sunny day. Now I can… kind of sad.

In any way, this is a movie I can understand to be in the top #250 of IMDB. And with my vote (10 on 10) it should get upper.