X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

X-Men Origins - WolverineAnother Marvel-based movie, with known super-hero. This leads to be watching the movie knowing that the main character will survive. But then, that is the usual thing with Hollywood movies (in this one there is something different, but not that different…). So, no big news.

Now, back to the movie: I am not an X-Men fan. I mean, I am not a X-Men reader, but I am a usual X-Men movie watcher. I like action, special effects, I think mutant idea is cool, I know some main characters. That is enough to enjoy the movie.

It starts in a great way. While credits are shown a lot of history is transmitted to the watcher making it easier to follow the movie. Then, the movie is not just action. It has some love and it has a good amount of jokes. That is cool.

I really enjoy the movie. Voted 9 in 10 on IMDB.