Punisher: War Zone

Punisher: War ZonePunisher: War Zone is a typical Hollywood movie. There is nothing new. There is a hero. There are bad guys. There is violence. The plot is the usual. There is action, there are shots, there is blood, there is a woman with a kid…

Then, what is new? Why this movie was recorded?

Well, I think there are some things that make the movie watchable. First, there is the main character, that is a Marvel hero. This can be good and bad, because it means we are dealing with a fantasy world. That is, the hero never dies. Therefore you are watching and always expecting the obvious: the hero will not die. Second, the movie has super extra hyper violence. I think I am missing one or two more adjectives, but I am not remembering any. There is blood, blood, blood, dead guys, heads rolling, shots on heads, everything you can expect from an action movie. They are exaggerated, yes. But that is the idea. We are in the fantasy world, do you remember?

More, there are jokes. Yeah, you can laugh while watching rolling heads, blood, the dead.