Quiki, yet another Perl wiki


At the present moment in my free time (that is going to be all day if I do not find a job in the next days) I am developing, together with Smash, another wiki in Perl,named Quiki.

Quiki is being developed with DokuWiki in mind. The main idea is to have a small base of dependencies, easy to install, and full of interesting features.

It is still in the first steps of development (as you can see in Git log, it is not yet two weeks old), but we expect to publish a beta version to CPAN in the next week.

Why we decided to implement a new system instead of using or contributing to one of the existing wiki projects can be a tricky question. I was involved in Kwiki development but the Ingy dot net crazyness does not help on stability. It is great to learn Perl, it is great to test different implementation approaches, it is not good to be used in production. Things change too often. twiki is a great wiki but we found it to be too complex for most wiki needs. MojoMojo might be a good wiki but we got tired installing dependencies. Moose, Catalyst and KinoSearch are just three examples of its dependencies. Unfortunately not all these modules (or dependencies) install cleanly. There is also socialtext. It is not properly open. Probably there are other wikis in Perl that we are not considering. But looking to the time involved writing current version and its achievements I am too happy.

If you want to be a test user, please download it from Git (check Quiki homepage) or wait for the CPAN release, install and submit bug reports. If you do not agree about my comments about wikis, you can leave a comment, but do not expect to raise a war. I will not answer you :)