Within Temptation: Black Symphony

Mywithin temptation: black symphony music background is Classic (I learned to play piano). During years I just listened to classical music. Some time later I listened to Queen and start listing to some rock.

But I would never buy/listen to Within Temptation if it wasn’t the coincidence of watching the Black Symphony concerto on a TV Store.

I loved the sound, and no, it wasn’t because of the surround system that was connected to the TV. I really liked to listen. But, once again, it wasn’t enough to make me pay to listen to it.

This is the time torrents become handy. I downloaded the concerto, and watched to it. And now, I am willing to buy the CD for the concerto.

Now, regarding Within Temptation. They have a good sound, they have some interesting musics, Sharon has a great voice, and the orchestration was great. I just think the musics are much alike one another. I am not sure yet if this is because of the Sharon voice timbre (and when I get used to it, I will start differentiating musics) or if they are lacking some imagination.