American Splendor

AmericanSplendorThe second movie of the day and so people can’t say I am a manyac for teens and girls, here goes an entry about a documentary or biography: American Splendor.

It tell us the story of Harvey Pekar, a comic book writter, how his life began, how he met his wife, problems regarding money and finally how he got cured from a cancer. The story is interesting, and they way it is presented make it more interesting. Not only because of the comic book alike portions of the film but also some scenes about the movie recording, where we can see the author playing for Pekar, and the real one side a side. This also tell you right at the beginning that Pekar would survive the cancer, so you don’t expect him to die during the film (thus, this is not a suspense movie but rather a documentary).

If you like different movies, if you ever dreamed of drawing cartoons, and if you are up to think about what’s life, see this movie.