The Concubine (2012)

The Concubine
The Concubine

The movie is not bad. I feel bad because I can’t understand Korean (I hope it is in Korean) and I feel like the English subtitles are not up to the movie quality. Also, and please, do not misinterpret me, but I can’t really distinguish much Asian faces. Not sure why, but maybe because my brain is trained to distinguish occidental faces, and it somehow feels like Asian faces are much alike. So, I did have some trouble in the beginning to distinguish the characters and, during that time, I might got confused with the Plot.

Nevertheless, I read some comments on this movie and they just got to the same conclusion I had, so probably I was able to understand the relevant parts of the plot.

The movie has a nice atmosphere, with a scent of eroticism from time to time. But, just like someone commented at IMDB, no, this is not an erotic movie.

Beware, spoilers ahead.

The plot is mostly from a Drama that could be easily titled “The Game of the Throne”. With the dead of the king (couldn’t understand how natural it was), and without any legitimate hair, his mother and his wife fight for the throne. And they are up to anything for that. Up to killing!