Furious 6 (2013)

Furious 6
Furious 6

If you like previous incarnations of Fast and Furious, then you will probably like this sequel. They lost the “fast” in the title but there are still some nice fast scenes. Nevertheless, I think the non-sense part of cars flying, special maneuvers, etc, is quite limited in this sequel, with a little more punch scenes. But not bad. Oh, and instead of flying cars this time they preferred to make flying people.

So, do not watch this movie if you like to rationalize. Watch it letting it go, let the strange and fantastic scenes be as if they were possible. Or that, or you will not enjoy the movie.

Regarding the story, nothing new. The usual story. Not just the usual story from Fast and Furious, but if you take the main story, and generalize it, you will find dozens and dozens of other movies with the same story. But then, that is how Hollywood works. So, just enjoy a new incarnation of a known story.

Well, now some small spoilers: it is a shame Gisele (Gal Gadot) dies (or at least is seems), and well as Han. But probably they were not interested in the sequel (yes, prepare for Fast and Furious 7), and they needed to disappear somehow.

In the other hand, I can’t not talk about Jason Statham. Yeah, he is not part of the story, but part of the finale. Wait for him on Fast and Furious 7. Now, just curious if just as a bad guy (I’m not used to it) or if he somehow turns on being part of the crew.