Hannibal (Season 1)

Hannibal - Season 1
Hannibal – Season 1

No, if you have a weak stomach, please do not watch this series after eating. It is not just the fact of people getting dead, but the way there are killed, the quality and reality of the scene preparation, and sometimes the little details of pain and horror. If not for the fact of some of the victims get… eaten.

Also, do not watch it if you think the good guys should win, and the bad guys should be dead or in jail. No, it is not this way with this series. It is a story of an assassin, and if you kill or arrest the assassin, you no longer have the main character. So, he must escape. And it will make you feel uncomfortable knowing that.

From time to time the series is kind of boring, with too much talk and psychoanalysis. But that is the way it works. Do not expect a standard police story, with guns and violence. Here you get to the scene too late, watching them dead (if not vegetating), and rarely catching the killer. Yeah, you guess well why.