I, Robot

I, RobotToday’s movie was I, Robot, a story from Isaac Asimov re-created for cinema. First, I must state that I didn’t read the book (well, yet… I’m reading the Foundation serie). So, I have an idea about Isaac Asimov kind of books and the movie does not surprise me as an Isaac Asimov story. That’s good, although they must be incoherences with the book.

The book has nice special effects, nice 3D Modelling and nice actors. I vote 9 in 10 for some small details I didn’t like in the movie.

During the movie there are a lot of commercial trades referred. First was AllStars from Converse(?), second was JVC, FedEx, then AUDI and finally U.S. Robotics. If all these are referred the most publicitized is USR. Now, I just don’t know if they are getting real benefict with this movie because I wont trust them if they are some how related to the movie USR…

Finally, my quote from it: I’m sorry, but this won’t work. You’re a cat, and I’m black.