Won a $30 voucher

Glennz Tees
Glennz Tees

Today I won a $30 voucher on the Glennz Tees store (click the t-shirt in the right to access their webpage). They have very nice t-shirts. Simple but funny drawings. And their do not stick to the black as background color, as most of the geek t-shirts stores.

If you follow their twitter account, you will notice that from time to time there are draws of $30 vouchers. Every time I see that the draw is running I register in the draw and, finally, I win.

If you want to know what themes I bought: one hoodie with the design at the right, and a tshirt with the other Lego design available (search for Crash Test in the store).

Now, I am just praying for customs do not get a hand on them…