Piracy and HandBrake

From time to time I am reminded on how good piracy is, and how copy protection is designed to make consumer life difficult. This story happened today. I just bought a DVD with the Penguins of Madagascar movie. Unfortunately I do not have a DVD player attached to my television. I have an old Mac Book Pro as media player. Its multi-drive is mostly dead, so I can’t use it to watch the DVD.

Well, when I bought the DVD I did not think on this, or I might look up on the DVD information and, noticing the “anti copy” I wouldn’t buy it. But I did not notice, so I bought it. The next step was to do a ripped copy, so I can copy it to a pen drive and see in the Mac.

I installed HandBrake and, of course, it complained the DVD is protected. I can understand its developers not to include the needed libraries to decode encrypted media, or they might have legal problems. But after some time I found out there is some DLL files I can copy and DVD will be able to rip the movie.

And this is why I love piracy. Not because of the piracy itself, but because every initiative against it LIMITS THE USERS THAT PAYS FOR THE MEDIA, not the one that copies the media illegally.

Piracy Benefits

cdsThese are two CDs that I woul not buy if I was unable to hear before. Not hear in the shop. Not hear in the radio. Listen to it when my mood is to do that! For that I need someone to lend me the CD, or I need an MP3. MP3 are piracy. But they are needed. At least for me. If I like a music, I will buy it.