Need for Speed (2014)

Need for Speed
Need for Speed

I am a Fast and Furious fan, and a somewhat retired Need for Speed player. I had fear regarding this movie, trying to, at first, mimic the game, and at last, compete with Fast and Furious. I must admit I was wrong. The movie is very enjoyable and somewhat unpredictable in some situations. At some extend it is the usual Hollywood movie, but in some other situations, it is not. I do not want to give spoilers, as this is a quite recent movie, but I must say that the Need for Speed (game) imitation is only at the end, and not that bad.

If you like cars, velocity and dangerous stunts, then this movie is for you. There are a couple comedy situations (as the one above) and a little drama too. So, a kind of complete movie.

If there is a sequel, I will be watching it. Voted 8 in 10 at IMDB.

Ford Fiesta @ Forza Motorsport 3

fiestaForza Motorsport 3 has some good simulation decisions, which makes more difficult to handle cars than in other games, like Need For Speed.

At the moment I just finished running with a Ford Fiesta Zetec S, like the one in the picture. Accordingly with the web, this darling has 1.6cc and a lot of horse power.

But then, I own a Ford Fiesta from 2003, with 1.2cc, and I get easier to 180Km/h than with Forza Motorsport 3. OK, I confess I can not get more than 180Km/h and with Forza Mortorsport 3, after being with the accelerator down for kilometers, it raised to 200Km/h. Or that, or I have too much love to my car :)