Quiki, yet another Perl wiki


At the present moment in my free time (that is going to be all day if I do not find a job in the next days) I am developing, together with Smash, another wiki in Perl,named Quiki.

Quiki is being developed with DokuWiki in mind. The main idea is to have a small base of dependencies, easy to install, and full of interesting features.

It is still in the first steps of development (as you can see in Git log, it is not yet two weeks old), but we expect to publish a beta version to CPAN in the next week.

Why we decided to implement a new system instead of using or contributing to one of the existing wiki projects can be a tricky question. I was involved in Kwiki development but the Ingy dot net crazyness does not help on stability. It is great to learn Perl, it is great to test different implementation approaches, it is not good to be used in production. Things change too often. twiki is a great wiki but we found it to be too complex for most wiki needs. MojoMojo might be a good wiki but we got tired installing dependencies. Moose, Catalyst and KinoSearch are just three examples of its dependencies. Unfortunately not all these modules (or dependencies) install cleanly. There is also socialtext. It is not properly open. Probably there are other wikis in Perl that we are not considering. But looking to the time involved writing current version and its achievements I am too happy.

If you want to be a test user, please download it from Git (check Quiki homepage) or wait for the CPAN release, install and submit bug reports. If you do not agree about my comments about wikis, you can leave a comment, but do not expect to raise a war. I will not answer you :)


YAPC::EU::2009Next week will be held in Lisbon, Portugal, the tenth Yet Another Perl Conference Europe, also known as YAPC::EU::2009. This event was proposed by José Castro and myself, and is being organized by us with Magda Joana Silva.

Things are almost ready. T-Shirts were bought, proceedings are printed, badges are ready (not for late registered people, sorry), the place is rented, there is food ordered. I think everything is ready, missing some small details.

We have about 320 committed attendees. The problem is that we have just 320 tshirts, and just 300 proceedings books. If you are registering now, be advised that you might not have one tshirt or proceedings.

If you can not come and watch the talks by yourself wait for the videos. We will try to record most talks. They will be made available in the web some time later.

Summerbits 2009

Sapo Summerbits is a grants program similar to Google Summer of Code. Its main differences are the proposing institutions that are Portuguese, the projects that are focused on the Portuguese community and the students that should be attending at a Portuguese university. Thus, this is a tiny Google Summer of Code clone for the Portuguese country.

This year it is running by the second year. Also, I am involved again in a Project. This year, instead of being involved as mentor for only one project, I am involved in two projects, being mentor in one of them, and being a co-mentor or just a developer in the other one.

One of the projects is related to card sorting, a psychology application where the individual is asked to sort or group a set of cards. These cards have words. The individual will read these words and try to associate a concept to each one. Then, these concepts are the things that should be grouped. Giving the same set of words to different people will result on different groups. These groups can then be analyzed and conclusions obtained.

The second project is related to the Portuguese language. At the Natura Project we are responsible for the Portuguese dictionaries for Firefox, Thunderbird and other Open Source applications. This year a law appeared changing the language, trying to approximate the Portuguese from Brazil to the Portuguese from Europe. While I could discuss the benefits or the problems of this law I prefer to just say the Portuguese dictionaries need an adaptation. These changes can be done manually by linguists, or we can try to infer them looking to texts before and after the law taking effect.

So, this summer is full of projects. Unfortunately I am not sure of what I will be doing in two months, as I should get unemployed.

Asking God for Help…

Today I’ve sent an email to Michael Schwern, creator of ExtUtils::MakeMaker module asking for some help. In the subject line I wrote something like: “Need help from the God“.

This is his answer…

1. And God said unto ambs:
2. Blessed are the built-ins; for they shall work for all.
3. Blessed is require(); for it is simple and always works.
4. It shall forever and always find modules which have strayed from your flock
5. As long as they are in the eyes of @INC.
6. And God saw that ambs was troubled and he comforted him saying.
7. Rejoice and be glad for this is the keyword of the Lord.
8. And God finished the letter to ambs
9. And He saw that it was silly and that it was good.
10. And He closed His laptop and lay His crown upon the pillow
11. And in the third hour, He rested.

What else can I say?

PS: I am ‘ambs’. It is my CPAN nick.