Red Dead Redemption

I’ve been playing Red Dead Redemption for some time. Well, in fact, I do not play it for a while, but it is the latest game I played on my XBox (that I am not using that much, I must confess). I am a fan of Grand Theft Auto and therefore I needed to test this new approach, with the same game engine. Well, my first complain is that horses do not run as fast as a car, and that is a problem, because in Red Dead Redemption you need to walk from city to city and that takes some time. It is true that the landscapes are beautiful (just check the image above, it is from the game, not just for ad) and there are some small missions between cities.

I did not finish the game, and will not finish it. Not because the game is not good, but because I do not have much time to play, and now I want to test another one (Episodes from Liberty City).

Regarding Red Dead Redemption my main complain is with the aiming but that is probably my fault for not playing enough. Other than that, I do not have the patience for collecting plants, but that it not essential for the game.