Samsung Blue Earth is not usable

About an year ago I posted about Samsung Blue Earth. I bought it because it had WiFi, GPS, was blue and a cool solar panel. Unfortunately, it can’t push mail by WiFi (just 3G), the GPS doesn’t work properly, the solar panel is just cool and, worst, it doesn’t have an operating system.

It has a chronometer. You can use it. But you want to take a picture of the first lap? Ooops, sorry, you lost all your times. You need to send a message? Sorry, you lost all your times.

The web browser is from the time of WAP. You open a standard newspaper webpage, and the browser says “The page is too big, might not be properly displayed”.

So, dear Samsung, I feel robbed.

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  1. Yes, it can be used to make and answer phone calls, and the SMS system is almost usable. But for that I could buy a 20Eur mobile phone…

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