Hawaii Five-0 (2010) – S01

I watched some random episodes in the TV, and recently decided to give it a watch. As my sister also likes, it allows some nice time at the night.

The series is not something formidable. But it is fun, it has some action, and it runs in Hawaii, with nice landscapes, great beaches and bikini babes. What else can we ask for in a TV series?

As any other series, some episodes are great, some good, some acceptable. But I must say that Season 1 ends with high interest. Looking forward to start watching Season 2 today.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979)

Enterprise shipyard

I know this is an old movie. After watching it I remember I did it before. Well, regarding it, what can I say? Of course I can’t comment the special effects. But while some images look cool (see the one above) some other are quite, quite bad (as an example, the small ship used to travel between Starfleet quarters to enterprise. So, not sure why some are not that bad, and some are awful. But then, in 1979 I was one year old.

About the story, acceptable. I found V-GER story interesting. Always nice to see some cross-over between sci-fi and some reality.

Also, I just discovered that the series is prior to the movie. So, now I have in my queue to watch at least one episode from it, and see if I want to see them all.

The Devil’s Violinist (2013)

David Garrett

Really bad movie for what I was expected. It is not a documentary (just like Bohemiam Raphsody isn’t a documentary). Thus, we expect a minimal story. And this story is… well, mostly non existent.

Other than that, I was expecting better acting. I know David Garrett is not an actor. But I suppose there was a casting for that character. And choosing him was a bad idea. Even being a violinist player, he exaggerated on his movements. Paganini was a virtuoso, and played some dissonant musics. But you should not move like player a rock music to mimic Paganini. Really.

The nice part of the movie, as usual, is a girl. Andrea Deck is gorgeous. And her acting was quite good. Kudos to her.

August Rush (2007)

Freddie Highmore

Someone told me and my sister about this movie, as being nice, and interesting to present to music students (10 yo). I took the chance to watch it too. And although there is a lot I can argue about (namely to someone learn how to write music from a single explanation of the position of notes in a keyboard), the movie is interesting enough. Of course it is a Drama, something I usually prefer not to watch. But the story is nice, and ends well, as expected for Hollywood movies.

The most interesting thing (other than having the nice and cute Keri Russell, is to listen my sister saying, about the main character (above in the picture) that he resembles the actor for Good Doctor. And then, when looking at the information at IMDB, find out that she is right. I wouldn’t get there myself.

Chef (2014)

Jon Favreau and Emjay Anthony
Jon Favreau and Emjay Anthony

Another movie that was in the TV, and that I started watching just because I like the title. I will not talk about the story. It is nothing really new, and it is quite simple (I could explain the whole movie in two lines). But the movie is enjoyable, fun, and results on some good time. What I did not understand is why we have Scarlett Johansson, Dustin Hoffman or Robert Downey Jr. They are all well known actors, and their characters in this movie are less than secondary. And in 2014 they were already well known for Marvel (at least Scarlett and Robert) and I do not think they were needing the money. And this movie production could be quite cheaper with other actors. Just saying.

Other than that, kudos to Emjay Anthony. I really enjoyed his acting in this movie.

Astérix: Le secret de la potion magique (2018)

Gaulish Team
Gaulish Team

It would be hard to write this post to talk about the story and the characters. I am a fan of Asterix, but I am used to read it in Portuguese, and writing about it in English would be hard. And for those wondering, no, I did not watch the original (French) version, but the dubbed version. And although I usually hate Portuguese dubbed versions, it wasn’t that bad. Acceptable enough.

About the story, well it focus the usual ingredients of Asterix stories: the magic potion, the Romans, the pirates, the wild boars, etc. It isn’t as good as the first books. It focus some ideas from recent movies that I will not refer so I do not give any spoilers. Ah… and it has a religion reference that, although I find it humorous, I think some other Catholics might not like.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005)

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt @ Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt @ Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Again, taking the Christmas holidays to see some movies in the TV. I had this in my to-see list for some time, as I found the plot idea interesting. And I can say the movie delivers it. Of course it is a typical Hollywood plot, with all ending well, and with the main characters surviving everything. But you are expecting it from the beginning. Some details remember me of Get Smart series, like the gun locker hidden in the oven. Nice to watch and laugh.

Now You See Me (2013)

Isla Fisher @ Now You See Me
Isla Fisher @ Now You See Me

While the fact of having Isla Fisher or Mélanie Laurent could make me rate this movie high, the truth is that I can’t. I can’t see any interest in the movie. There is a story, but so vacuous… And if one wants a movie about magic, or it makes it really about magic, and has interesting details, that are plausible, or they want a movie about fiction, and then you can make what you want. Doing a movie somewhat in the middle doesn’t make sense. At least for me. If you want an example, explain how Isla Fisher can fly in a soap bubble, or how the… oops, spoilers, or how the last movie scene is possible. Rated 5 out of 10 in IMDB.

Drop Zone (1994)

Wesley Snipes and Yancy Butler @ Drop Zone
Wesley Snipes and Yancy Butler @ Drop Zone

It looks like that lately I am watching the movies that inspired Grand Theft Auto. Yesterday it was Gone in Sixty Seconds, with car boosting, racing the police, et al. Today, Drop Zone, with parachute diving, namely into a moving truck. Nothing I didn’t do before… in GTA.

Well, regarding the movie, it is yet another typical argument. But enjoyable. Action with humour and a girl. What else a guy wants? Ah, some more action, and some more jokes. Good for a last day of the year evening.

Gone in Sixty Seconds (2000)

Angelina Jolie and Nicolas Cage @ Gone in 60 Seconds
Angelina Jolie and Nicolas Cage @ Gone in 60 Seconds

One more oldie found in the TV. The type of movie I like with cars, speed, humour and some violence. Ah, and with a chick. This time Angelina Jolie. What a difference from 18 years ago.

Not much to say about the movie. Again, Hollywood like story, but this time with a small twist in the end, although it continues with a Hollywood like ending.

Nothing much more to say. Other than I do not understand why so many people say Nicolas Cage is a bad actor. Could be better, but surely there are worst actors out there.